Bandhavgarh Tour Package

Bandhavgarh, a beautiful jungle safari place is best suitable for travelers who are enthusiasts for wildlife safari in India. Bandhavgarh is not only loved for its organic vegetation or huge number of species but there are many ingredients which make bandhavgarh a perfect place for jungle safari. Bandhavagrh National Park Tour is most favored by the globetrotters. As Bandhavgarh National Park is also known for Royal Bengal Tigers. In ancient time, Bandhavgarh Natioanl Park was the prior hunting preserve of the Maharajas. Also, it is known as a natural hub for White Tigers.

Bandhavgarh365 experienced an amazing thing while we were enjoying our wildlife safari, we saw a long Tusked elephant. It was really unusual thing for us as Bandhavgarh does not include elephants. As ,it is a natural habitat for Tigers. Then, after sometime we come to know the elephant we saw was owned by the forest department of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and the elephants are basically used to trace tigers. And, to keep them away from residential areas.



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