Book Machaan Tour India

Bandhavgarh in 1968 incorporated as a wildlife safari place. Now, Bandhavgarh is famous by the name of Bandhavgarh National Park and, is known as the best wildlife safari place in India. Many of the people visit Bandhavgarh National Park to enjoy their adventure tour in Bandhavgarh. In today’s e world Bandhavgarh is still know to have the highest density of Tiger population. Although, Tiger is known to be India’s national animal. In Bandhavgarh you can find other wild animals also like leopards and Sambar deer. Apart, from enjoying your wildlife safari in Bandhavgarh you can also enjoy your machaan night in bandhavgarh. Machaan hideout tour activity is a jungle activity offered by B365. In machaan tour packages a hiking accommodation will be provided by B365. Visiting Bandhavagrh National Park will provide you dual benefits like you can enjoy your wildlife safari as well as you can enjoy machaan hideout tour package. In our Bandhavgarh machaan tour the two time meal would be provided by B365. Chance of wild fauna spotting, the raised machaans in the jungle will make your booking of machaan tour India a brilliant one.


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