Ultimate Jungle Safari in Bandhavgarh

Encounter the king of the jungle while camping in jungle in the dark night. Spend a night in the jungles of Bandhavgarh.  The pleasing surroundings with the mysterious beauty of Bandhavgarh jungles will make your Bandhavgarh jungle night with wonderful instants. Come for a glamorous camping with your family, friends or your colleagues. You will get a chance to spend a night in the lavishing tent accommodation by Bandhavgarh 365. Camping is one of the most liked activities by most of the travelers. The comfy surroundings in the thrilling night will help you feel relaxed from the hectic schedule of your life. Come and feel the glory in the air while experiencing Bandhavgarh Jungle Safari. To book an opportunity to come across the rare wild species like wild boar, Sambar Deer or the Leopard is just a click away. Book your jungle safari Bandhavgarh here.


Horse Ride for Wild Hearts

Why not add Bandhavgarh to your bucket list? A place with the rich flora and fauna that makes it looks more beautiful. Declared as a national park in 1968 and became a famous tiger reserve with the highest density of Tiger’s population and the other endangered species like the Sloth Bear, the Wild Boar, Mongoose, Nilgai, Jackal and many more makes this wild spot a famous attraction among all the tourists. Enjoying all the wilds on a horse back would be a perfect way for experiencing the wildlife of Bandhavgarh National Park.  Horse safari in Bandhavgarh would be more enjoyable as horse safari Bandhavgarh would have its own paths with the cold breeze of the atmosphere. Choosing Bandhavgarh 365 for going on a horse safari India would offer you best breed of horses to enjoy your horse ride. Hurry up to book your horse safari India as the best time to visit Bandhavgarh National Park has come.

Survival in the Wilderness Activity Batches

A Jungle survival activity for the youngsters has come up their doorsteps this season. Adventure seeking people can now get themself enroll for the November batches. An activity based on what things are necessary for jungle survival learning. Concerned people choosing to go for will come in interaction with the jungle survival techniques which will help them in their future adventure trips. Army experts to make you educated for survival in the jungle would be there and the tribes of Madhya Pradesh would be a part of instructor’s team you can call this activity by a name of army survival activity also. To become a part of the Survival in the Woods Activity contact us fast.


Want to know what Jungle Survival is?

Bandhavgarh is a beautiful region situated in Madhya Pradesh. The place is visited by many travelers all over the globe because of its famous places like Bandhavgarh fort, Three cave point, Sheesh Saiya and the other places also. But, this season you can visit Bandhavgarh for some other reason. Bandhavgarh 365 has started offering a jungle survival activity. The jungle survival adventure will cover all the necessary points like survival shelter activity in which you would be trained for creating your own safe haven, and your own jungle survival food as food for jungle is a different one than that of the food we eat in our daily routine. You would be given jungle survival techniques by tribes of Madhya Pradesh. You will come face-to-face with what things are necessary for jungle survival. If you want to know what jungle survival is then do join us on our November batches.

Thrilling Bike Tours in India

What interests every adventurist in every age and at every place? Biking, yes! And what about biking in Bandhavgarh, among the Vindhya hills on the highway which runs through the National Park and which presents natural beauty at both sides of the smooth road accompanied with occasional sounds of birds and animals besides the clinking of the bike you are riding? Absolutely a journey through a beautiful dream! You can make your this beautiful dream come true by booking for Bandhavgarh bike tour offered by Bandhavgarh 365. Bandhavgarh 365 is a top brand in offering huge number of adventure activities which you can enjoy in Bandhavgarh. To book your best bike trips in India contact us fast.

A life Changing Jungle Survival Adventure

Bandhavgarh 365 inviting you for a life-changing adventure. In the remote areas of Bandhavgarh prepare yourself for how to fight back with the wilderness of wild animals living in the jungles on your jungle survival adventure. Making yourself familiar with the jungle survival techniques has become a significant part for all those travelers who love to spend time with nature. As lush green beautiful nature can make our life double trouble any time might be on your next camping trip. What is jungle survival, how jungle survival food is prepared and how we can rescue our self in the situation of crisis you will get an answer for all these questions on your best jungle survival course by Bandhavgarh 365. Get in touch with Bandhavgarh 365 here: http://bandhavgarh365.com/jungle-survival-activity/

Book Jungle Survival Adventure

Jungle is a place with beautiful nature sceneries, people like to do camping in jungles. And, they often visit different jungles for camping. But, before stepping forward for camping it’s essential to have at least basic jungle survival skills. Bandhavgarh 365 is the leading brand offering survival training in India and for the very first time survival training India has come to India. If you join survival training course India you will get all the justified answers for why should one go for the program to master in the jungle survival skills. To book the survival training India you can drop a line to us here. For More Information do visit here: http://www.bandhavgarh365.com/jungle-survival-exercise-2/

Grasp the Skills for Surviving in the Wilderness

Jungle survival activity is one of the outdoor activities which people usually prefer to choose for. The adventure sports of survival training is not only about how to survive in the wilderness but it is has many things included like how to create your own raft. This can be the extreme adventure as you are learning how to make something which people usually choose to do some adventure. The Bandhavgarh 365 is the activity centre offering the batches for survival training in Bandhavgarh jungle. By going for this activity you can make your weekends adventurous. Book your seat now as the time is getting short and the seats are getting filled up. To know more: http://bandhavgarh365.com/jungle-survival-activity/

Outdoor Survival in a Jungle

Imagine a situation, you are on your adventure trip in a jungle and suddenly you got lost in the jungles. Getting panic will not help you out and if you think that someone will come to help you then you are right somewhere but then also you need to stay alive for that. And, how will you stay alive in the wilderness is the very big question for you in the difficult situation. And, your solution lies with Bandhavgarh 365. Get yourself enrolled for the jungle survival activity go here: http://bandhavgarh365.com/jungle-survival-activity/

Experience the Wild Survival of Jungle

If you are thinking what things are necessary for jungle survival?  Scissors, hammers, Nails, Pliers, Axe you can include all these jungle survival tools in your survival kit. But, the most important tool you should consider for your survival in the woods activity is a water filter. For that you need to search for a source from where you can get water. After getting a water source you need to think how to purify it because this is pretty sure you won’t be having a water filter with you. So, you need to purify water using nature tools only. To learn how the stuff would work for purifying water you can contact Bandhavgarh 365 as to book your batch for Jungle Survival Adventure in which you would get plenty of things to learn as well at the same time to enjoy regarding the jungle survival techniques. To get more information visit here: http://bandhavgarh365.com/jungle-survival-activity/