A Small Part of my Jungle Survival Adventure

Yesterday was my first day of my survival camp. When I first visited Bandhavgarh Jungle a travel guide was there to welcome us. At around 10 AM we were to check in at the place where our survival skills class was to hold. At 11 AM our orientation started it was interesting to listen about the basics of surviving in the wilderness. After that, we were been told about how to build your own shelter. Building shelter seemed me an amazing thing because it was something which I can do anytime as it will not only help me to survive in the wild but can help me any time or I can create my own shelter just for fun and showoff to my friends. All the instructions that were given were in the simple language. And, being Bengali and after that understanding Hindi was quite difficult for me so my instructors gave me the instructions in English and Bengali too. At 1 PM we were given a packed lunch. The food was tasty and it was similar to that of Jungle food. At 2:30 PM we were to reach some point A. So, the first half of my wilderness survival training was just like an outdoor activity. This Jungle survival adventure by Bandhavgarh 365 is somewhere an action adventure activities. The learning part of this program also seems like a fun outdoor activity. Overall, just experiencing the few hours of my survival training I would rate it 9 out of 10. And, there is much more to come. M feeling excited to see what is next to come. For boys it is like must try outdoor adventure. Big thanks to Bandhavgarh 365 from my side. Two more batches are lined up in this October. If you also want to join go to this link: bandhavgarh365.com/jungle-survival-activity/



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